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Data Analysis Laboratory (LANA):


Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Epidemiology, and Social Media, Big Data and Tropical Diseases (Zika, Chikungunya, Yellow fever, Tuberculosis, Hansen's disease), Astronomy, Smart Cities, Natural Resources Analysis, Bussiness Analytics Projects, and Artificial Intelligence.

Project 1

Using Big Data Analytics in Brazil's Tropical Deseases using Social Media (Twitter) (Years 2014-2021)

Build a metodology to colect tropical's deseases twitter data using NoSQL and Hadoop
Using da data mining techiques to extract informatios about deseases, symptoms, geolocation, etc
Distribute geographically the new tropical diseases cases, by cities.
Analyze tropical diseases cases, correlating with clinical, epidemiological, social and environmental characteristics.
Provide information to support decision-making processes for the management of the Tropical Disease Control Program
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Project 2

A Decision Support System for the Epidemiological Study of Hansen's disease in Campina Grande, Paraiba, Brazil (Years 2017-2019)

Build an Epidemiologycal  Spatial Decision Support System
Using Big Data Analytics Techiniques to correlate Neighborhoods Data in Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil
Using temporal series years 2005 to 2016
Build a Neighborhoods Spatial Hansen's Database
Using datamining to discover geo-spatial database relations​
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Project 3

Astronomy and Big Data - Powered by NASA, USA (Years 2015-2020)

Analysing Nasa Datasets using Big Data Analytics Techinics, Data Mining, Text Mining and Predictive Analysis

Project 4

Smart Cities Big Data Analytics Aplications (Years 2018-2025)

Data Analysis on cities to improve improve life quality

Project 5

Big data Analytics Aplications (Years 2017-2023)

Big Data analysis on open data to find patterns, build maps, analysis, etc

Project 6

Detect Skin Desease using Convolutional Neural Networks - CNN (Years 2019-2025)

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